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I’ve been pretty busy lately with one thing or another, but something I really wanted to get a post out about is Faces of Mental Illness.

I’ve been working with Laura SQ from Mrs Bipolarity & Laura P. Schulman from  Bipolar For Life, on creating the real faces of mental illness. Initially it was in reaction to Brian Williams’ stigmatising negative comments on mental illness. He stated of Ariel Castro, who held three Cleveland women captive for a decade was the face of mental illness. So, here we have an NBC Anchorman claiming this repugnant man is the face for people who suffer from all manner of mental illnesses. Such comments from a public figure can only do harm to any organisations out there trying to educate people & reduce the stigma around mental health.

As mentioned, this was originally what prompted the two Laura’s & I to start Faces Of Mental Illness. However, I’d like it to continue & evolve to show how people who have mental illness are more than the illness itself.

We have created YouTube, Facebook & Twitter pages, all entitled The Face Of Mental Health.

Youtube – Faces of Mental Illness

Facebook – Faces of Mental Illness

Twitter – Faces of Mental Illness

Please show your support by doing any of the following…send us a vlog to mentalfaces1@gmail.com. We’ll upload it to the Youtube page & share it to Facebook & Twitter. Don’t worry if you’re unable to do this. I know I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing this a year or so ago. But please visit the pages & have a look at what we’re doing. If you like what you see please comment or like the respective pages. If you do want to show support, please share the pages on your own Facebook, Twitter & Youtube pages

Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Stop The Badger Cull

I came across this story from Elaine4Queen earlier & thought the badger part was worthwhile spreading.

Please sign the petition I’ve posted at the bottom of this post if you agree?





A good way to mix cute animal pics with politics is to follow the argument about the badger cull.

“Today a petition to rally public opposition to the cull, which is aimed at reducing the spread of tuberculosis to cattle, surpassed its target of 100,000 signatures, meaning that the issue can now be considered for debate in the House of Commons.”

The skinny on the story is that agribusiness has long argued that all the badgers should be killed because of bovine TB. They don’t fancy doing anything about intensive animal farming, so the poor badgers have become scapegoats. Apparently they are bad tempered little souls, but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to kill them all, and it seems that there is no real evidence linking them to the cow TB. I don’t think that even the perviest cow would snog a badger.

Anyway, I don’t care how bad tempered they are, that photo just makes me want to home a badger family SOOOO BADLY. Why not just rehome the badgers with bleeding heart townies? Foxes do superbly in town. We don’t even hate them. And they get all the leftover fried chicken and other goodies from bins.

I reckon if moving in to town worked for foxes then it could work for badgers.

Please sign the petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38257

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Did I really just type Whack in my title 🙂

Just saw a great quote from Britain’s Daniel Awde (Decathlete). “When I compete I like to think of shaking a bottle of fizzy pop. As it’s ready to explode I compete”

As he was saying this, this song came on showing clips of him in his various events.

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I’m losing track on our medal tally. I literally can’t remember if this covers all out golds yesterday.

Alistair, left, and brother Jonathan

Gold & Bronze for brothers Alistair & Jonathan Brownlee in the Triathlon

Laura Trott is crowned new queen of the track after omnium triumph seals London 2012 double

Laura Trott Gold in Cycling

Sir Chris Hoy, London 2012

Sir Chris Hoy Gold Cycling – Britain’s Greatest Olympian

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Two more golds for team GB

Great Britain's Jason Kenny celebrates

Jason Kenny – Gold

London 2012 Olympics: British show-jumping team grateful for loyal owners

Four annoyingly smug posh gits who won’t be names as no doubt they were born with a silver spoon shoved far up their arses!

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Two more golds for Blighty 🙂

Andy Murray wins gold at Wimbledon.

A little mention for Dotty here 🙂

Ben Ainslie Gold medal – Most successful Olympic Sailor EVER!

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When I started this blog I didn’t think I’d get to this 😀

Click like if you’d want to make it even higher!


Congratulations on getting 1,000 total likes on The Bipolar Place.

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