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There are a few things I could write about here, but as it is a topic that has come to light to me over the last few months I’m going with Facebook (FB)!

I personally don’t mind social networking. I use it to simply see how my friends are & is an extension of keeping in touch, especially if they live far away. What has recently been pissing me off is how people of a decent intellect decide to use it to air their dirty laundry.

Recently a few couples close to me have decided to split, an unpleasant experience at the best of times (not for me, I mean them) yet how on earth does posting it on FB help??

I expect this kind of thing to play out publicly on programmes like Jerry Springer or Jeremy Kyle. I don’t mind saying this “I know I’m better than the fools that go on those programmes” to air their foul laundry. By this I mean I expect these people to be the bottom feeders of society. I hope I haven’t offended anyone here but that is how I perceive the people that go on those programmes.

Now why on earth do people who I regard as family I care for or friends I hold dear feel the need to publicly display their relationships. I guarantee in months maybe years to come it will be regretted.

Anywhoozles rant over. I expect I may get some grief for this post in some form or another. I just can’t stand seeing such things on Facebook. In my opinion it cheapens people & humiliates them.


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