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This is an excerpt from my guest post on Where I Stand. Please pop over & check it out along with all the other great stuff on there.

“It doesn’t make sense to me that an illness of the brain has so much negative stigma around to it. Whereas an illness to the body is well, for lack of a better word, ‘normal’ and accepted. For me, it can only be explained through fear of the unknown.”


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I have an appointment with my Psychiatrist tomorrow morning. Although these appointments do tend to help with things I always find them stressful. It seems so final to see someone titled a psychiatrist to me, as though this person knows my brain better than anyone. They don’t in my opinion, they just have spent a lot of time studying other peoples.

Anyway I’m hoping he can shed some light on why my mood has been so up & down recently. This is probably the most up & down period I’ve had since I was diagnosed three & a half years ago. Maybe my meds need tweaking as I’ve been on the same ones since that diagnosis. Changing my meds in itself is somewhat stressful, as I’ve come across plenty of negative horror stories of problems on new meds.

Anyway wish me look, hopefully I’ll have a better view on everything tomorrow after 10am. Fingers Crossed!!!

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