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I travelled up to the North East of England recently to see my wife’s parents. My wife (Laura) had travelled up a few days earlier, so I made the journey up in our car on my own. It reminded me when we were first dating & she was studying in Sunderland, whereas I was working in Liverpool. I’ve got fond memories of our long distance relationship. More so, considering most people seem to believe they don’t work.

I realised back then I hadn’t yet been diagnosed with any mental illness. So although I had suffered from, at least depression, I was blissfully unaware that was what it was. I never knew what I wanted to do, work-wise, back then, but I was confident I could turn my hand to most things. So I suppose my outlook was ‘the world is my oyster’ kind of thing. After just six months since I left Uni I had paid off my credit card debt on only £150 a week wage. I was confident I’d soon be in a job where I’d be earning at least the national average. At which point I would then start making repayments on my student loans. Meh, I never got there (there being the national average wage) in the end, but hey-ho that’s life.

It got me thinking of those ‘sliding doors’ moments in all our lives, where you think what if… My what if, is how would my life be different if I didn’t have a mental illness.

I know a lot of people say ‘I don’t believe in regrets. Everything in life has made me who I am today’. Which is fine, but come on, most of us have done something we regret & if we could change it we would. Personally I think it’s fine to have regrets, but the important thing is not to dwell & stew over them. It’s the past, you can’t change it so what’s the point.

What are your ‘What if’ moment?



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Heard this today for the first time in months.

For some reason it sounds good driving along to in the sun. Usually with these lyrics you wouldn’t expect that so much…




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In order to get the best out of this post you must first turn the volumne up loud…..LOUDER………don’t worry if it’s on an odd number, just crank it up…..a little bit more…. there, that’ll do! Now Press play on the video below.

Why? Because as a 7-8 year old kid I used to do just this on my vhs recorder & go nuts when the music kicked in. There I was, from a suburban living room in Liverpool UK, boogieing away to a song depicting scenes of the steel city, Detroit USA!

I watched Beverley Hills Cop again tonight & got a blast from the past 🙂

My favourite part of the song is over within 42secs…starting with the police sirens mingled with the ticking clock…leading to the spine tingling bit starting at 22secs, to the full blown start at 34secs. This is where baby Graham goes ballistic in said living room all those years ago. 35 year old Graham did it to a lesser extent tonight. The only difference? I was drinking Ribeana back then…today it was a nice glass of red wine 😉

OK well enough waffle & one last thing. The person to comment on, in my humble opinion, the best one liner from Beverley Hills Cop will get a post about their very own blog. I promise to be gushing & complimentary only.

Comments apply to Beverley Hills Cop 1 only. Any comments on the following 3 sequels  will be ignored & in some cases criticised openly, if you’re offended by this disclaimer well that’s not my problem!


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Hey ho, I’m back again & in less than a month this time…just! My blog feels like a car being started after lack of use, during a particularly cold winter, chug chugging away and finally we have a roar.

Well you can expect a few posts today as I’ve decided to do some rehashes of some posts I feel are important. I do this sometimes, as if I’m new to a blog I never read fully the older posts and just concentrate on the recent posts. So I’ll be reposting a mix of posts I think are useful to those who have bipolar, want to understand more about bipolar & the top two viewed post in my blog. Yep that last one is simply to drum my stats up, as they’re laughably low right now 😉

OK well I’m off to rehash away…you were warned!

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Happy New Year everyone!

I haven’t blogged for awhile so it’s about time I get back to it. I hope you all had a good Christmas & New Year. Plus Thanksgiving for the USAians out there. What date is thanksgiving? I never remember. Also what is the bigger holiday for you guys, Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Mine was fairly uneventful, but was spent with friends & family which was nice. Although it was over far too quickly as I only had three days off in the whole season 😦

It also didn’t help that I got a flat tyre on Christmas Day morning, before a 150 mile trip to see my wife at her parents house.

Well this is short & sweet. See ya

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I was looking for a picture to do with Postmen, but I came across this & had to share. The ever so flippant “…one thing led to another & now I think I’m pregnant” had me in stitches 😉

You might think that as I’ve not posted about my new job in recent days things have been going swimmingly. You would be wrong! Although days of no problems have occurred, the following shows I’m still on a learning curve.

First Week

On the last day of my first week I was crossing a roundabout. America see to the right. I’ve been informed you don’t have these as you can’t handle them. Apparently one was installed in Miami & all hell broke loose!

So anyway I was crossing the roundabout & as I was mounting the curb, I misread the speed I was enthusiastically approaching it at. My bike skills stopped me from crashing, however my mail in the front tray was not so lucky. Up in the air it went & unfortunately for me it did not land back where it took off. There I was getting off my bike to see some mail on the pavement (Pavement my vocabulary challenged American friends NOT sidewalk.) & some on the roundabout itself. Now this was a Saturday at around 11am so it was getting pretty busy. I decided I would save the Queens mail & chase it around the roundabout, risking life & limb avoiding vehicles to do so. Did I mention it was windy? No? Well it was, so my successful chase was no mean feat. Not only was I chasing post, but so were two kindly pensioners, one in motorised scooter, who had post trapped beneath their feet/wheels.

Second week in post man job:

Early in my second week I’m thinking “Hey, way to go I’m making good time”. BANG the pavement hit me! My first thought was “Shit what happened, why am I laying prone on the floor, with my mail raining down on me like confetti”. Now some of you might be laughing already figuring I had slipped in dog doodoo again. You would be wrong, I had simply tripped on the curb of a driveway. It was a viciously steep curb too. I skinned my knee & bled for the rest of my round 😦

Three days ago upon completing my round I thought “Hmmm, now rather than going back to the post depot following the route I know I’ll try a shortcut!” Mistake…I got lost. However it was one of those lucky losts (is that a word) whereby I popped out exactly at the depot from another direction. I don’t know how that happened, as my internal compass had me miles away.

Two days ago I got cramp in my left calf. I valiantly struggled on hoping to shake it off. I ended up back at the depot with post still in my bag cramping in both calf’s.

So as you can see, when God was handing out delivering the post skills I was at the back of the queue!

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1. Drivers who tailgate

2. Drivers who park purposefully taking up two parking spaces. GGGGRRRRRRRR Indeed!!!

3. I live in a flat, so the bins are communal… So, people who put general rubbish in the recycling bin. Tossers!

4. Small dogs. I don’t see the point. You want a small dog? Get a cat!

5. Perfume adverts. Not all, but most. You know the ones that have two models & a voice over saying nonsense like “My Love, His Love, One Love, Masculinity, Feminity, We are one” I feel like walking on set, pushing the models out of camera, spraying, sniffing & saying “yeah this smells good, go out & buy it”.

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