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2 Nephews + 1 over tired wifey = Uncle Graham is top notch daddy material…

To break the above formulae down… We have my two adoreable nephews, Ben (7) and Alex (5), for the weekend having an extended sleepover and my gorgeous wife Laura who is… well knackered and at her wits end, because said nephews are running rings round her. I however, am enjoying their company immensely and I’ve even helped them complete their homework already. It’s not even Sunday!

Now to quote Laura ‘Listening to you do their homework with them earlier was soooo cute. You’re really good at it and I didn’t think you would be. You’ll be a great dad’. Which is how we get to the ‘Uncle Graham is top notch daddy material’ finale part of the formulae.

Now if you haven’t guessed I’ve drunk a bottle of red wine and so this post, whilst appearing hilarious, groundbreaking and amazing in my head, is probs more accurately described as wtf is this guy on about…

Back to the post…basically I’m really enjoying this weekend with my wife and nephews. I’ve been on the reverse end where I’m knackered, the kids are running rings round me and Laura is coming across as Mother Nature personified. And believe me those babysitting nightmares have ended with yours truly handing over the kids as though I was on the run from the Black Death.

Now I’m blogging this particular post from my iPad for the first time and well…it’s thee Shiites blogging experience I’ve had to date. Apple you really need to get ur act together as from what I can tell a PC kicks your arse on this every time. That said maybe my poor experience is down to user error. If anyone can advise me on how t…..ummmm ignore the last paragraph I’ve figured how to blog effectively from mu iPad. Sorry apple! Well…I did say I was a wee bit drunk.

Ummm at this point I would like to link to notes from a she hermit simply as she is theeeee funniest blogger I’ve stumbled across. And the particular link above shows how she does a much funnier post than I could ever hope to on babysitting. Yeah, the whole post I’m writing at this moment is an attempt at humour, but I fear is failing dismally on that point.

uugghhh yet again, one has lost ones thread, which is downright careless. Errrr…..ok enough…I’m off to bed.


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I’ve been looking forward to this weekend as it’s gonna FUN!

Got my two nephews for the weekend. We will be going to buy a Christmas Tree. A real one of course. We’ll be visiting Santa in a Grotto. If sitting in his lap means I get a present…well I just might. I hope he has some good little helpers…ahem…you know for the dads & uncles 🙂

The kids will help us decorate the tree & then we’ll sit down to watch The Polar Express. I’ve not seen it so I hope it’s good. It’s quite apt as it’s about a boy who no longer believes in Santa. Ben the eldest nephew is getting to that age, 7, so hopefully it will keep his innocence going another year.

Wish us luck. I’m getting all Christmasy just typing this one 😀

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Yep, that tumble weed above pretty much sums up my blog this last week. I haven’t posted since last Sunday. Bad Graham!

The main reason for this is work I suppose. Still getting used to working & as it involves a lot of walking & cycling I’m ‘over tired’ when I get in. Also I’m reading a good book at the mo & that’s eating into my spare time too.

Well I’m up early for a Saturday 05:40! I wasn’t planning on getting up until 07:00 (work today 😦 ). I did have a really intense dream involving my brothers though. My two older brothers don’t really get on well together. They haven’t from a young age. The eldest bullied the younger one when they were kids & that’s basically where it it all stems from. Anyway in my dream we were all together (a rare occasion) & the brother I get on well with (the younger one…but older than me…so I suppose we can call him the middle one…or Dave seeing as that’s his name) starting acting strange. He hit one of his kids for messing about & although my nephew was being naughty it didn’t warrant being hit. Anyway I blew up at Dave for this & ended up clocking him right on the kisser. That was the end of the get together.

That was the end of that part of the dream & yes Dave I pretty much knocked you out, so at least that reflects reality 😀

Anywhoozles that random post will suit for my return. I hope you haven’t missed me too much? Plenty of comments & likes saying you have will only fuel my ego…

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Hmmmm not sure if I can find five but we’ll see.

1. Nokia Asha 201 Mobile Phone – I’m not normally one for mobiles or anything gadgetry really, but since I’ve decided the knackered old mobile I currently have needed replacing this is the one I want. I am now in lust over it. I’ll take a pic of my of mobile so you can see it.

Nokia Asha 201 64 MB - Graphite

2. Kindle – I love reading so seems a natural thing for me to purchase. Up until now I’ve resisted as I like the feel of a book, but a fellow blogger suggested if I get one to also get the leather case as it makes it feel like a book.

3. iPad – I play with my nephews on their ipad all the time so I want one now too 🙂

Nope that’s it there is nothing else I’m lusting over. It’s strange that out of the things I’m ‘lusting’ after it turns out they’re all gadget type things. I’ve always been the type to wait a few years before I buy this type of thing simply as when they first come out they’re stupidly expensive. Why pay top dollar when you can wait eighteen months & buy it three times cheaper.

Mr Graham Shiels, welcome to the 21st century 😀

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First the good news…

I mentioned a number of posts back that I had some good news, but I couldn’t really share it at the time. Well the news was I had resigned from my job! It was office based & unfortunately it was in a stressful environment that wasn’t conducive to my bipolar. I was only there for two and a half years & had around 10-14 months off sick. I put that down to a mixture of work related stress & also the fact that recently it turns out my meds haven’t been right for some time.

So after having a heart to heart with Laura we decided to hand in my notice & start looking for part time work. Laura has been doing really well in her job over the last couple of years & she has recently been given a promotion, so it has given me the chance to ease back on my hours & see if it helps with my bipolar. I got a new job this week as a postman. I’d been interested in this position for a few years, but never really considered it seriously. Well I saw a job posting & went for it. two days later it was mine, with immediate affect.

Now this leads on to the funny news…

Today was my first day & I was out and about as you do a s a postie, delivering mail… I was walking out of one driveway when …whooooossssshhhhh…my legs are in the air & I’m coming down hard on concrete, scattering mail like confetti all around me. I literally went arse over tit! After gathering my bearings, I realised I’d slid on dog shit. God damn the fucking owner who didn’t bag that piece of shit up! To add insult to injury a toddler was being pushed in her pram, in my direction, had seen the whole sorry affair & was laughing hysterically. As I was picking my mail up thanking my lucky stars none of it landed in the doggie excrement, I noticed the pram pusher trying really hard not to laugh. This actually made me laugh, as if I’d seen what happened I would have laughed openly & only then thought to conceal my outburst at someone else’s misfortune.

So there you have it some good news, some funny & a little bit painful news.

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4/20 – 17 Words You Like

1. Robust – Something that you don’t mess with 🙂

2. Plentiful – Creates positive images of lots of goodness

3. Requiem – I like the way it sounds. It’s actually morbid though

4. Cellar Door – OK I know it’s two. Yes smart arse it’s also from Donnie Darko, but it does sound really nice.

5. Moist – It always makes me smirk in a mucky way 🙂

6. Vibrate – Similar to the above.

7. Chimichanga – Listen to Dustin Hoffman’s answer machine message in Meet The Fockers. You will be laughing.

8. Salacious – Simply sounds good.

9. Sausage – Women can’t say this without sounding dirty. Is that just me ????

10. Guillotine – The word sounds much more cultured than what it actually is.

11. Reaper – Just sounds bad ass

12. Serendipity – Again it just sounds good.

13. Peninsula – As above

14. Triangle – Of all the shapes this is the best

15. Prism – You have to role your rrrrrrrr’s on this one

16. Feline – Dunno why I just like it.

17. Nephew – I have two & they’re great 🙂 😉 😀

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A couple of weeks ago I told one of my nephews that I had a website/blog. He didn’t believe me, so I logged in & showed him a picture of me on it.

His jaw dropped “Uncle Graham, are you famous?”


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