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Theeee funniest moment in British radio broadcasting, in my own humble opinion of course. I was very proud when a few years ago the British public stood up & gave the finger to Simon Cowell & the X Factor. Joe McElderry was due to pick up his Christmas number one, after winning the X Factor, but an internet campaign to get Rage Against The Machines’s, Won’t Do What You Tell Me won out on the day.

Below is the recording of the live broadcast & below that is the BBC 5 Live recording. If you just want to hear the BBC reaction, tune into the 2nd clip at 8:50. It’s a very stiff upper lip reaction from the female presenter, as oppose to the male presenter’s “Meh, it’s funny” kind of attitude.

This never fails to make me smile. Come on what did they expect! 😀




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A nice chillout…



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Now I’m fully aware I can’t dance. Well no…hold that, I can, but it looks shocking. We can all dance! Some of us look smooth & as though it comes naturally to us. For others (this is where I sit), we look like  we’ve had our drink spiked with a new drug, that gives the user a feeling of John Travoltaesque dancing ability, when in fact we look like…well what we really look like is just so bad I can’t find the words…

Now I really like this song. So much so I think it’ll be a future classic we’ll all be shuffling our zimmers & canes to. But I must take exception with Pharrell’s dancing. He knows he can dance, I know he can dance, we all know he can dance. But does he have to look so smug at the fact he can dance.

Meh random rant over. Enjoy the song.




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My wife, who likes to keep up with all manner of celebrity gossip, mentioned the other day, that Miley Cyrus has risquéd up her image somewhat. To the point where she is being slated for being a bad role model.

So I decided to check out the video of her song, that is apparently causing the storm. Come on people she is a young woman, having a bit of fun. Is she trying to throw off her clean cut image? Who cares, can you blame her if she is. Someone called Britney Spears had a clean cut image forced upon her. Look where that got her…

This song is growing on me. I’ve only heard it a few times 🙂




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Yeah, I know it’s soppy. Guess that makes me a soppy bugger then!

If you want to see the live ‘Adult’ version, click on the link below the embedded image.





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Jake Bugg is only nineteen & performs live as well as this. I absolutely adore this song!

One of the best new musical talents to come out of the UK for a while, in my humblest of opinions.

Let me know what you think?



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I never thought I’d post an Olly Murs song, but damn I like this!



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