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Hmmm, now that I’m sleeping, I’d mistakenly assumed I was getting to grips with my hyperness. Wrong!

When I’m feeling depressed or when it is sneaking up on me, I’m getting fairly good at spotting the signs. However, when it comes to my hyperness I find it a real blind spot. I suppose it’s because I generally feel good when I’m like this & so I don’t see it as a problem. Again, Wrong! Generally it is a problem, but I’m blissfully unaware.

I was driving my wife into work this morning & she said I seemed hyper. I didn’t think I was, but she’s fairly good at noticing when I talk her head off! On the way home I thought “Nah, she’s not that good”. Again Wrong (time to redress this. I hate being wrong).

As I was shopping on the way home I noticed my thoughts were indeed coming thick & fast. Also I’ve noticed over the last few days I’m struggling to pay attention to the radio. I usually try to listen to the sport section on a local radio station, to hear how my football team are doing. The last 3-4 days I specifically remember thinking “OK it should be on in the next 5 mins, pay attention”. I’m still waiting to hear. Don’t misunderstand me, I was listening, but my mind was elsewhere.

I got back to our flat about 50mins ago & have spent a fair amount of time walking back & forth doing things I’ve already done or don’t need to do. GGggrrrrrrr!!!!

Things I’ve learned from today. My wife is 90% time right! People, trust me this isn’t good 🙂

I’m going for a run in the next hour or so. Here’s a toast to not getting lost!

Does anyone have any tips for noticing when they’re hyper? Doesn’t matter if you think they’re obscure or not very good, they’re all are welcome.


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I’m feeling the brightest I’ve felt since I’ve been off work. So much so, that I decided to go for a run for the first time since I decided to take part in the Great North Run half marathon. It takes place on, 16th September 2012, so I should have plenty of time to train for it. I did 5 miles, so a decent start. Feeling achy now though… I’m glad I ran when I did, as it’s just started to pour down!

If anyone has any tips on marathon running/training let me know?

The reason for the title of this post, is because I was thinking earlier that it’s quite early for me to feel so good. In the past, when I’ve been off work because of a bipolar low, I feel down & there are no upbeat feelings for a good few weeks. Hopefully this is a good sign & that this will be a short bipolar low, but I just want to caution myself that it might be a false dawn. This made me think of peeking above the clouds…

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Further to Fingers Crossed…. I came home tonight to the email below.


Suppose I better get my arse training!!!



09:05 (12 hours ago)

to me

Hi Graham


Thank you for your email, and apologies for not getting back to you, I thought I had!


We have reserved you a place, so do just give us a ring in May when you’re able to pay your registration fee.


Many thanks




Amanda Taylor

Senior Events Officer

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