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This is an excerpt from my guest post on Where I Stand. Please pop over & check it out along with all the other great stuff on there.

“It doesn’t make sense to me that an illness of the brain has so much negative stigma around to it. Whereas an illness to the body is well, for lack of a better word, ‘normal’ and accepted. For me, it can only be explained through fear of the unknown.”


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I’ve just watched the film End Of Watch. I’d heard plenty of good reviews about it & was pleased not to be let down. It’s a cop film centred on two main characters, going about their beat in LA. What sets it apart from other cop movies, is how it blends the gritty side of police work with the bond of friendship. Although it’s been done before, this film seems to do it effortlessly.

I won’t leave you with the trailer, like I normally would, instead I’ve dropped a cute scene showing Jake Gyllenhaal’s character having a sing a long in a car with his girlfriend, played by Anna Kendrick. It just happens to be another one of my favourite songs. Why am I dropping this scene? Ummm Anna Kendrick’s expressions, as she sings, are just too cute 🙂



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I’m sure some…ok many…of you skip over my song posts, but please I urge you to listen to this one.

This amazing piece of music & song writing comes from The Cinematic Orchestra, sung by Patrick Watson.

I even won a song off with the wifey using this tune. Believe me, that’s high praise indeed, as she says my music is girlie! How rude you might think, but to be fair, I haven’t heard a Taylor Swift song I don’t like yet :). Even that early one where she lays a princess in the video…

Hope you enjoy it. In fact let me know what you think.



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I’ve become addicted to a T.V. show after only two episodes. Oh who am I kidding it was after the first episode!


Show title: The Returned

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Biggest surprise t0 me: It’s French & is subtitled. (Do not let that put you off, believe me after the first 5mins you forget they’re there. It’s that good!) That said the French, even in their own programmes, should speak English. I mean it’s the international language. Only joking…all other languages should make their programmes in English, not just the French 😉

Description: The simple breakdown is… a small French community, in a beautifully picturesque setting in the mountains, is the location of people thought long dead returning. The returned are without memory of where they’ve been & haven’t aged a day since they’re ‘death’.

Now you can imagine the shock to the loved ones they left behind…ranging from ‘Wtf, I asked you to get coffee from the shops not tea! Oh & where have you been, you went to the shops 6 years ago?’ to ‘Umm I saw you in a coffin & I’m kinda marrying someone else now…awkward silence…Don’t look at me like that you were supposed to be dead!’ But seriously I haven’t smiled or laughed once during each episode, I’ve been too busy closing my trap, as I stare agape as to what will happen next.

I seriously recommend this programme to anyone interested. I’ve chucked in a trailer for it below.


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I watched the film Rendition today & was impressed. I thought it might go overboard on the torture scenes & although there were some, they were watchable. To be honest I’ve seen worse in the 24 series with Kiefer Sutherland in. Also I liked how they blurred the lines of who is the terrorist & how well the relationships where interwoven.

Plus Meryl Streep’s character was reminiscent to me of the real Margaret Thatcher. Not the fluffy one she portrayed in a film recently. Oops did I just highlight which side of the political spectrum I fall into. Guilty, I’m left, I like people…what can I say 😉





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I just watched the new Bond film Skyfall. Loved it!

I’ve got to say I prefer the Bourne Trilogy (I haven’t seen the spin off one earlier this year) & it’s no surprise that since those movies came out the Bond franchise upped it’s game, but watching Bond does make you feel proud to be British 🙂







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Stumbled across this on YouTube & thought I’d share it.

It’s the Radiohead song  High & Dry, which I love, that has been mixed in with clips from the film 50/50. I’ve just watched it earlier & really enjoyed it.  Its a comedy about cancer. I think that’s what makes it so good as balances the comedy & heartfelt moments really well.

I’ve added the trailer for the film below too. Anna Kendrick’s character is hilarious!




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