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Project O

One thing I love, is learning about new cultures. So I think this should provide some intriguing results.


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This is an excerpt from my guest post on Where I Stand. Please pop over & check it out along with all the other great stuff on there.

“It doesn’t make sense to me that an illness of the brain has so much negative stigma around to it. Whereas an illness to the body is well, for lack of a better word, ‘normal’ and accepted. For me, it can only be explained through fear of the unknown.”

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I’ve been pretty busy lately with one thing or another, but something I really wanted to get a post out about is Faces of Mental Illness.

I’ve been working with Laura SQ from Mrs Bipolarity & Laura P. Schulman from  Bipolar For Life, on creating the real faces of mental illness. Initially it was in reaction to Brian Williams’ stigmatising negative comments on mental illness. He stated of Ariel Castro, who held three Cleveland women captive for a decade was the face of mental illness. So, here we have an NBC Anchorman claiming this repugnant man is the face for people who suffer from all manner of mental illnesses. Such comments from a public figure can only do harm to any organisations out there trying to educate people & reduce the stigma around mental health.

As mentioned, this was originally what prompted the two Laura’s & I to start Faces Of Mental Illness. However, I’d like it to continue & evolve to show how people who have mental illness are more than the illness itself.

We have created YouTube, Facebook & Twitter pages, all entitled The Face Of Mental Health.

Youtube – Faces of Mental Illness

Facebook – Faces of Mental Illness

Twitter – Faces of Mental Illness

Please show your support by doing any of the following…send us a vlog to mentalfaces1@gmail.com. We’ll upload it to the Youtube page & share it to Facebook & Twitter. Don’t worry if you’re unable to do this. I know I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing this a year or so ago. But please visit the pages & have a look at what we’re doing. If you like what you see please comment or like the respective pages. If you do want to show support, please share the pages on your own Facebook, Twitter & Youtube pages

Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Support for Amanda Bynes

A really well written piece, detailing Amanda Bynes’ struggle with mental illness. I hope she can get the help she needs.

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You may remember, at last year’s London Olympics, I posted all the gold winning medallists of the British team. Well it’s currently the Athletics World Championships in Moscow & I’m going to do the same. I absolutely love watching athletics, probably more so than I do football. Now I’m from Liverpool, a two football club mad city, so if you’re not a red or a blue, well you’re viewed with deep suspicion. Much like witches were in the time of Medievalness! So for me to come out & say I prefer watching Athletics to football, is controversial to say the least.

Yesterday in Moscow our very own, two time gold winning Olympian from London, Mo Farah won the 10,000m. He was desperate to win, as it was the only global gold missing from his collection. He was predicted to win comfortably, but he didn’t have it all his own way, as the guy who pipped him to gold two years ago, was nipping at his heels all the way down the home straight.

Mo, I & hopefully all of Britain are very proud of you!

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Theeee funniest moment in British radio broadcasting, in my own humble opinion of course. I was very proud when a few years ago the British public stood up & gave the finger to Simon Cowell & the X Factor. Joe McElderry was due to pick up his Christmas number one, after winning the X Factor, but an internet campaign to get Rage Against The Machines’s, Won’t Do What You Tell Me won out on the day.

Below is the recording of the live broadcast & below that is the BBC 5 Live recording. If you just want to hear the BBC reaction, tune into the 2nd clip at 8:50. It’s a very stiff upper lip reaction from the female presenter, as oppose to the male presenter’s “Meh, it’s funny” kind of attitude.

This never fails to make me smile. Come on what did they expect! 😀



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A nice chillout…



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