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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!”

Just saying…


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Me & the mrs had a few drinks last night & ended up watching an Alanis Morissette special on some music channel. Well this one obviously came on & I thought ‘Yep, that’s one for the blog!’ Enjoy

Oh and watch the comedian slating the song just below the Ironic video. I just saw it on YouTube and its hilarious! 😀




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I was doing my postie round this morning &, whilst listening to the radio, the topic of Captain Pugwash came on. The presenters were talking about the innuendo that can be seen in kids TV cartoons & yep, Captain Pugwash came up!

I don’t think the escapades of Captain Pugwash made it out of the UK, & if I’m honest, I’m not even sure it was made here to begin with. But the cast of certain character names was hilarious…The three that stand out are…Sea-man Stains, Master-Bates & of course Roger the Cabin Boy! I mean come on, how did those names get past the censor commission. Bloody glad they did though as that is classic innuendo right there 🙂

The thing that had me smiling & laughing most this morning, was that one of the presenters didn’t get the innuendo in Roger The Cabin Boy. Specifically & I quote “Really? I didn’t know roger meant that!”. While all the other presenters were laughing at this in the background, one of his female colleagues had to write it down on a piece of paper for him.

The cutest thing is, the innuendo would go right over the heads of kids & is just fun for ‘adults’.

Anyway, I thought I had to share it. Let me know of innuendo laden kids programmes where you’re from.

I only realised later on that I may have scared some people on my round…cut to me with a demonic gurning like grin on my face, asking a customer to sign a package I had for them 😉

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