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Well I haven’t blogged since January and that post was about me getting back to blogging. Bad Graham, Bad!

Soooo, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge and try and blog once a week. Now I might cheat and not blog at all and just post a song I like, but hey, its my blog so I’ll do what I please. Pssstttt I might not even do that and just post an empty space…

The reason for this little challenge is that I remember when I first started blogging, around a year ago, many blogs dealing with mental health by those that have mental, ummm differences, tend to be temporary blogs and come to a natural end as and when they feel better (damn that was a long sentence!). Well I feel better, but I want to keep blogging to show at the very least it can still be done. I know one of the main reasons for the blogs coming to an end is simply the difference in spare time. I was off work ill when I started this and now that I’m back in work I have much less time on my hands.

Now, I say I’m better, but I reckon I’ll have bipolar to some degree for the rest of my hopefully long life. What I mean is I feel good right now. One of the main things I think has helped get me to this point is working outdoors. My Postman Pat job gives me daily exercise and gets me out of the toxic office environment. Now although postman pat had a van, I have a bicycle (that I fall off from time to time) so I do get exercise honest 🙂 Plus, now that Spring has pretty much Sprung here In England the weather will be much more enjoyable too.

Another reason I’m trying to get back blogging is, hearing a few people I know in the flesh, say they have missed my posts, which is always nice to massage ones ego 🙂 Not to mention the guys an gals out there in the blogosphere.

Right I’m going to go an play on my iPad which my lovely wife got me for Christmas. I’ve become worryingly obsessed with a downloadable app game called The Hobbit. I play  a dwarf called Trimli with a penchant for lobbing off goblin heads. Go figure 😉

PS I really do worry about myself sometimes. This is what I call being better? Really?


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