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I’ve been looking forward to this weekend as it’s gonna FUN!

Got my two nephews for the weekend. We will be going to buy a Christmas Tree. A real one of course. We’ll be visiting Santa in a Grotto. If sitting in his lap means I get a present…well I just might. I hope he has some good little helpers…ahem…you know for the dads & uncles 🙂

The kids will help us decorate the tree & then we’ll sit down to watch The Polar Express. I’ve not seen it so I hope it’s good. It’s quite apt as it’s about a boy who no longer believes in Santa. Ben the eldest nephew is getting to that age, 7, so hopefully it will keep his innocence going another year.

Wish us luck. I’m getting all Christmasy just typing this one 😀


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Now for all you who saw the title & thought “Oh I’ll read this & laugh” tough. It’s not based on any bad days at work as my previous postman adventures have been (see previous links three links for laughs). No this is more of a prediction of dodgy times for me to come in my outdoorsy job. It’s icy outside now people & it can only be so long before I encounter the dreaded black ice & go arse over tit, either on foot or over my handle bars.

Wish me luck as I’m sure I’ll need it for winter’s long icy days!

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This is probably my favourite Radiohead song.

I love the guitar in this one & how it blends in with the drums at 2:04




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Stumbled across this on YouTube & thought I’d share it.

It’s the Radiohead song  High & Dry, which I love, that has been mixed in with clips from the film 50/50. I’ve just watched it earlier & really enjoyed it.  Its a comedy about cancer. I think that’s what makes it so good as balances the comedy & heartfelt moments really well.

I’ve added the trailer for the film below too. Anna Kendrick’s character is hilarious!




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I’ve noticed quite a few bloggers, myself included, are struggling with writing. So I checked out WP’s inspiration for writing suggestions & stumbled across this simple one. Go to page 82 of the current book you’re reading & fit in the 3rd full sentence into a post. Now I think they meant to fit in creatively, but I’m just going to type it in as a sentence all on it’s own.

The book I’m reading is the the one pictured above & the sentence is “After unfolding his laptop on top of the console, the screen instantly bringing up Janus’s ammonite icon, he used a coil of optic cable to plug into a nearby port, then waited a second until the icon started blinking.”

Sheesh that sounds real dull doesn’t it. Especially as the sentence preceding that is “He fired again, here and there, sending others scurrying for cover, then sat down and opened his briefcase.” I like the casualness of shooting at people and then calmly sitting downing & opening a briefcase. It just sounds like he’s a bad ass.

Well that is my post. Probably my most random, pointless & dullest post all rolled into one.

Enjoy your Sunday. I’m going out with the wife to a local Mexican Tavern for some brunch. Mmmmmm full English. You truly can’t beat a Full English Breakfast. I’m hoping being in a Mexican establishment my goatee will not look so out of place 😀

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Movember Update

This is my Movember update. It’s looking very ginger!!!!

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Hmmm I’ve come to realise blogging is like going to the gym. The minute you fall out of the routine of doing it, it’s soooo hard to get back into it!

I will try to do it. Please bare with me.

Does anyone have any good blog challenges that may help?


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