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Stop The Badger Cull

I came across this story from Elaine4Queen earlier & thought the badger part was worthwhile spreading.

Please sign the petition I’ve posted at the bottom of this post if you agree?





A good way to mix cute animal pics with politics is to follow the argument about the badger cull.

“Today a petition to rally public opposition to the cull, which is aimed at reducing the spread of tuberculosis to cattle, surpassed its target of 100,000 signatures, meaning that the issue can now be considered for debate in the House of Commons.”

The skinny on the story is that agribusiness has long argued that all the badgers should be killed because of bovine TB. They don’t fancy doing anything about intensive animal farming, so the poor badgers have become scapegoats. Apparently they are bad tempered little souls, but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to kill them all, and it seems that there is no real evidence linking them to the cow TB. I don’t think that even the perviest cow would snog a badger.

Anyway, I don’t care how bad tempered they are, that photo just makes me want to home a badger family SOOOO BADLY. Why not just rehome the badgers with bleeding heart townies? Foxes do superbly in town. We don’t even hate them. And they get all the leftover fried chicken and other goodies from bins.

I reckon if moving in to town worked for foxes then it could work for badgers.

Please sign the petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38257


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It’s sad in this day an age we actually need to highlight this.

All that I am, all that I ever was...

There is one universal truth, applicable to all countries, cultures and communities: violence against women is never acceptable, never excusable, never tolerable.

My thoughts today are not only with Jill Meagher and her family, but with the poor, homeless and Indigenous Australian women who have experienced violence and abuse that went un-noticed and un-reported, to the shame of us all.

There is much I could write about the tragic events that unfolded in Melbourne this week, but I will leave it to the professionals who voice my opinions far better than I am able.

Can we please stop blaming the victim?
The only thing we have to fear is being female
Women have the right to feel safe
Reclaiming the night


Unite to end violence against women

A global movement to end violence against women…

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1. Drivers who tailgate

2. Drivers who park purposefully taking up two parking spaces. GGGGRRRRRRRR Indeed!!!

3. I live in a flat, so the bins are communal… So, people who put general rubbish in the recycling bin. Tossers!

4. Small dogs. I don’t see the point. You want a small dog? Get a cat!

5. Perfume adverts. Not all, but most. You know the ones that have two models & a voice over saying nonsense like “My Love, His Love, One Love, Masculinity, Feminity, We are one” I feel like walking on set, pushing the models out of camera, spraying, sniffing & saying “yeah this smells good, go out & buy it”.

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Worse than it has ever been!

Now check out the difference in class between the lyrics above. You tell me mainstream music is any good. It is made & manufactured by those who only wish to make money & have little interest in music.

It is for this reason Simon Cowell is on my all time top ten worst human list!

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Go check out Pride In Madness, it’s a really good blog 🙂

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Things To Say To Your Ex Girlfriend

I don’t have much to say on this one. I’m one of the lucky few who has never been dumped. Get me! I’m not a player, far from it, but my previous relationships were always short. Most in the, one night category, kind of thing.

So my thing to say would be errr “It was nice while it lasted?” 😀

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I read this article today, which I think is interesting.

Let me know what you think

News Article

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