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I Look Across the Water…

The original & in my humble (and correct) opinion, the best!


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I think we all feel like this sometimes!


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Poor Postage

Sorry guys I’m struggling to come up with posts at the moment, hence the music posts & random ones. I hope they’re not boring you too much?

Bare with me & I’ll get back to the usual-ish type.

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Wide Open Space

I used to love this song.

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I’m off with the wife later for a BBQ in the park with friends. The weather has been scorchio here for the last 5 days or so, so I should burn nicely after say 30mins.

What BBQ food do you recommend we take? We’re already planning on taking chicken, but what other meat & what flavour should tag along?

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Is it Because I Lied…

It’s very sunny here, so this is a strange pick, but it’s been playing on repeat in my head.


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